Morrinn's Tomb of Horror

Session 7
Clairvoyant tieflings, Skull City and the fabled tomb.
Kalpavriksha Scorpiones

After a quick and decisive victory against Varth and his Golem, our heroes ascend the cellars and emerge into the great prison complex, where they meet the warden, Arwyl Swan’s Son. After a quick explanation of their predicament, they are released into the streets of Sigil, where they re-supply and purchase new goodies.

Now on the hunt for information about the slain demilich and his long lost tomb, the heroes visit the Lord of Bones, and present to him the skull of the slain Acererak Construct. In trade he tells them of the legendary Skull City, and the Black Academy that ruled there.
As fate would have it, Old Lothar recently sold a portal key to the city to another adventurer, a hard headed tiefling who herself was seeking the city for her own reasons.
Dissatisfied with the trade he made with her, Lothar slips our heroes the information on how to find this woman, who resides in the Hive Quarter of Sigil.

Session 6
Modrons, mimics and murdered friends!

Our heroes finish up exploring the rest of the Moilian complex, collecting the two keys needed to access the final chamber. Within they find another Eldritch Engine, much like the one in the Garden of Graves, only better reinforced. Figuring correctly that this machine is both a part of the evil behind the desecration in the Feywild, and their Moilian disease, they commence focusing their arcane powers to destroying the mechanism.
As the machine begins to rip apart, a terrifying shriek is heard as an Acererak mimic descends from the ceiling and begins assaulting the players.

In the ensuing battle, Sgt. Furiehn Nicomander is targeted by the Demilich’s soul drain power, and subsequently vaporized. Having utterly consumed his soul, Nicomander is beyond the power of a Raise Dead ritual.

Session 5
Corpses, treasures and portals, oh my!

Our heroes descended into the mysterious crypt in the City that Waits through the mouth of the Great Devourer. The first room they explored was a great feast hall with an inviting banquet laid out on the fine dining tables. Great tapestries hung from the walls and ceilings depicting scenes of battle featuring unusually diverse groups of combatants. Deciding to err on the side of caution, the heroes ignored the meal laid out before them and moved through the hall, only to be attacked by a group of Nighthaunts.

After the battle, the group moved onwards and found some interesting hidden notes about the demilich Acererak as well as more depictions of his icon, the Devourer. They came across a great bridge made from the flesh and bones of long dead Moilians, where they made offerings to appease the spirit guardians protecting the perilous path.
They ventured on, picking up many interesting notes written by other travelers who had come before them and their thoughts on the exact nature of the complex. Finally they discovered yet another three planar rifts that seemed to connect several crypts together through the multiverse. Entering the first, they found themselves again in the feywild, and after dispatching some hostile natives, decided to pause for some much needed rest.

Players in Attendance: Andri, Bjarni, Biggi, Heiðar, Orri (Subbing for Grétar)

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Session 4
Where our heroes visit the City that Waits!

After a much needed rest at Huorn’s grove, the heroes learned more about the curse they contracted from destroying the eldritch engine in the Garden of Graves.
The curse appears to be a slower version of the same agony that befell the survivors of Moil, the City that Waits.
Why or how such a specific fate befell our protagonists was sadly beyond Huorn’s divining, and thus, with nothing else to go on, our heroes chose to brave the old dead city.

Arriving in the necrotic ocean of the shadowfell, the heroes were immediately attacked by the undead residents, fresh from slaughtering a trio of shadar-kai followers of the Raven Queen.
Investigating the bodies and divining their fate using ritual spells, it was revealed that the group was on the run from something fierce on another plane before diving through a random doorway, ending in their home realm, just to die at the hands of The Tortured Vestige.

After the rituals, the protagonists moved onward to explore the rest of Moil. They braved the tower of Tests and slew the Moilian Barrow before having to flee from the legendary Vestige.

The protagonists managed to open up a portal leading to a strange new complex within the city where they came face to face with the Devourer, a holy symbol of the long dead demilich Acererak. The room they were in proved to be quite the devious challenge, much like the traps and puzzles the demilich was fond of inflicting on his enemies. After a few torturous hours of exploring, the heroes finally managed to proceed further into the complex, albeit with some… minor losses.

Players in Attendance: Andri, Birgir, Bjarni, Grétar, Sindri

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Session 3
Where our heroes discover the strange eldritch engine!
Zombie Knight

Continuing from where we left off, the protagonists finished exploring the strange complex built in the Garden by backtracking to the gallery and discovering a final door had opened into the inner sanctum. There they encountered and battled a pair of undead knights, an animated shell of a dead firbolg and a giant monstrosity of vines and plants dubbed The Ivy Heart.
The final confrontation with the evil in the garden was easily banished with the astoundingly clever tactical manipulations by Master Jekhar who summoned a great wall of fire to separate the heart from it’s dread undead guardians.

Having slain the ivy heart, the heroes collected the tomb-moss from the cairns near the altar and managed to break into the final chamber that held a bizarre eldritch engine that seemed to siphon magical essence from the runes carved all over the structure. Even the groups extensive and combined knowledge of matters arcane and religious could not determine it’s purpose or design, but clearly it had to be destroyed in order to preserve the sanctity of the garden.
Dismantling the machine however seems to have had some adverse effects on the protagonists, who begin to feel fatigue and loss of strength as the wild energy of the machine seems to drain them of spiritual essence before finally dwindling.

Session 2
Where our heroes explore the Inter-Planar Crypt...

After slaying Eldresi, the protagonists continue to investigate the Garden of Graves. They move to a nearby room where they encounter a strange pool, at the bottom of which lies a beautiful Platinum Key.
Valiant, but somewhat dim, Bahram marches up to the pool and snatches the Key, although in the process he also gets himself eaten up by an enchanted water serpent who deposits him into the raging stream outside. The torrent is no match for Barham’s athletic abilities however and he manages to swim back to the river bank safely, and is soon reunited with his allies.

Key in hand, the party back tracks to investigate another building to the south of the river. The strange structure looks to be a crypt of sorts and is separated from the larger structure in the garden. Cracking the doors and peaking inside, the party is greeted by a pitch black portal through which no light seems able to penetrate. Steeling themselves against whatever may come, the group marches through, only to find themselves deposited into what feels less like the Feywild and more like the Shadowfell.

Session 1
The adventure kicks off!

In the City of Little Priis, the legendary mercenary band, The Ironsiders, are contracted find and retrive a missing caravan. The Mercenaries form a wagon train with their contractor, Obed Goodman, to travel the same path as the missing caravan.
After a while, the wagon train comes across a path in the road and investigation reveals tracks that might lead to some of the missing caravaneers. Opting to split up the train, a larger part of the force, along with Obed Goodman and Marius Ironside continue along the road southwards while the heroes travel east, into the woods.

After a while of tracking the caravan, the heroes come across the ruined caravan along with dead and decaying remains of the draft horses. Further investigation led to a clearing, where the heroes were ambushed by mad fey creatures who seemed to be guarding a strange obelisk.
After defeating the fey, the heroes resolved to find out where they came from, and headed deeper into the forest, where they unwittingly passed through a portal leading into the feywild.


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