weapon (melee)

Weapon: +5 Terror Greatsword
Critical: 5d8 psychic damage, or 5d10 psychic damage against undead.
Property: Ruinblade deals 1d10 extra damage against Undead.

Power: (Encounter) Immediate Interrupt
Trigger, an enemy scores a critical hit against you. Effect, you become insubstantial until the end of your next turn.
Power: (Encounter ♦ Divine, Radient) Standard Action
You can use turn undead (PH, page 62) You cannot use this power with an implement, but you gain a bonus to attack rolls with it equal to the Ruinblade’s enchantment bonus (+5)
Power: (Daily) Free Action
Trigger, You score a critical hit using the Ruinblade. Effect, The target is weakened (save ends). While it is weakened the target cannot deal ongoing damage.


Using powerful rituals, Moghadam long ago placed his soul within his Greatsword, Ruinblade, which acts as his phylactery and prevents his permanent destruction. The sword has long shared Moghadam’s yearning for freedomand has gained a thirst for vengeance since Acererak’s betrayal. Eventually, the sword grew impatient after being locked in Moghadam’s lair for so long, and a rift arose between artifact and master. When the heroes encountered Moghadam the Ruinblade forsook his master for a chance to defeat the Demilich.

Goals of the Ruinblade
Seeing the plans of Acererak disrupted
Slaying the servants of the demilich
Acererak’s destruction
The destruction of Acererak’s phylactery.


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