Component Items

The Fey Gem
This priceless gem shines the purest green glow and radiates the natural energies of the feywild. Torinn had Cassius Price, an artificer in Sigil, craft it into his staff to make Afflicter.

Huorn’s Ironwood Branch
This is a branch from Huorn, a powerful Treant, given to you for saving his life. The wood is extremely susceptible to natural enchantments and Bahram, with the guidance of Xanian, a Sigil blacksmith, had it crafted into Infernus.

The Planar Crystal
A planar crystal is a handy tool for any dimensional traveler and capable of giving hints to their position in the multiverse. Joseph, with help of the planar artificer Cassius Price, had it fixed into his Unspeakable Tome to make a new more powerful Tome of Planar Summons.

Strange Spyglass
You found this strange spyglass tucked away inside a blackened skull in the Shadow Tomb. The craftsmanship is quite exotic and alien and features several fine gears that allow the user to delicately adjust the scope of view. Butcher, with the aid of Zathe the enchanter, used it to craft the crossbow Lifeseeker.

Monster’s Mithril Blade
An extremely sharp mithril sword blade, extracted from a ruined iron golem in the Shadow Tomb. The mithril seems particularly susceptible to enchantment and could be reforged into any type of axe or sword.

Component Items

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